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I am finding the battle with the disciples of Jack Hyles a threat to my health. I have been threatened with physical attack, hints of death, entrapped in "private" email exchanges which were later posted to large mailing lists, lied about on boards, and threatened with law suits. This has not been from the Hyles family-- It has come from his disciples.

No one in Christendom, nor in witchcraft, nor the sodomites, have sent me more filthy and hateful mail than the Hyles people. They are bullies with no restraint. Their level of hate is beyond measure. In fact, I have lost my confidence in the Baptist concept. The lust for porn, power, and pesos by Baptist preachers, by and large, is beyond anything I have seen in the rest of Christendom. And, I think that is not overstatement. I have lived in the midst of Anglicans, Maryknoll Fathers, Jesuits, Pentecostals, Holiness, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Dutch Reformed, Lutherans, Nazarenes, Independents, Armenians, Orthodox, Mennonites, Amish, and others I cannot recall now. I have NEVER seen anything as hate driven, and as blind in guruism, as the Hyles club.

Even Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, and the Pope will happily take your gift, pat you on the head, and walk off content. The average Fundamental Baptist preacher pockets your gift, and then he takes control of your home, your kids, your wife, your procreation choices, your time, your clothing choices, your loyalty, and your mind.

CAUTION: Not all Fundamental Baptist pastors are such beasts, but you need to know that you cannot just drift along without examining all things. Thank God for you who have caught on and gotten right. Virtually ALL Hyles men are suspect and should be avoided. If you love your wife, and your daughter's virginity, you will not go near a Hyles church.

Furthermore; all Baptists, no matter how sound they me be perceived, are on their way to the Hyles mind. I believe there is a devil investment in the Baptist movement, similar to the demonic invasion of the Methodist Church in about the 1950s, which will destroy virtually all Baptist churches eventually.



Jack Hyles is the "Elijah" of this generation, and not to be questioned, criticized or spoken ill of;

God only is working through First Baptist and that church is needed if revival is going to take place in America;

Jack Hyles is personally responsible for my salvation (no kidding, he claims if Jack were not around, no Americans today would be saved -- he said I needed to "thank" Hyles for my salvation);

All churches in America have been touched by Jack Hyles;

Jack Hyles has "led" more people to the Lord than anyone; therefore; he is not be questioned;

Hyles words are final authority (he admitted that he doesn’t compare Hyles teachings to scripture, as this would be sin).


I could tell many stories, but here are the things that made me, after a year down at HAC, not want to be a part of that movement [any longer]:

1. The demands and hours of service were absolutely crazy. The real "spiritual" students were praised for giving their entire lives for ridiculous schedules. Some were often physically ill because of the demands. Where was family life? No wonder so many were falling into immorality. I must note that when I was there, I felt safe and never saw outward signs of immorality or felt Dr. Hyles said lewd things. I guess I was involved when there was still enough Godly influence on the college staff; I don't know.

2. They acted as though they were the only ones with truth. My church back home where I was saved was "not separated enough." That really put a big red flag in my mind.

3. Dr. Hyles would allow us as female students to sit on his car hood while he drove off slowly, after a girl's meeting with "Daddy Hyles," screaming, "We love you preacher!" like he was some rock star with groupies!!! He would throw down 10- and 20-dollar bills from the cafeteria balcony at screaming girls. He would allow the girls to pat his back and "touch his garments" so to speak, when he would go to the cafeteria after a girl's meeting to have our free pizza. When I was in it, I thought it was perfectly normal. It took some years to see the inappropriateness of this "hero worship." But at the time it really met "needs" for love, excitement, fun, and significance.

4. One of my roommates, after a Sunday night service, got into the "preacher boys line" outside of Dr. Hyles' office to ask a question. She was not aware she was not to be in THAT line. Well, according to her, Dr. Hyles screamed at her in front of everyone and told her off for being in the wrong line. She related this story, still shaken and in tears in our dorm. We were kind of in shock, and calmed her down by saying, "he's tired, I'm sure he didn't mean it". That was the other red flag in my mind.


" As long as you agree with him and don't buck what he has to say -- you're okay. Members are shunned if they disagree.

Some issues:

1. Monies (thousands of dollars) are not reported to any of the members. These monies are spent on non-needed things.

2. Several buddies (of the pastor) are employed by the church. .... without voting upon them or without knowledge of members.

3. Leadership (deacons) has no say so in any matters.

4. There is no accountability.

5. Members say that he has a cult. -- I forgot to mention ... when he came to our church three years ago from another state, he brought along three families of followers (non-family members.) These families sit near the pulpit ... like they are protecting him.

6. He brought in a child-molester (from out of state) to head our media ministry. He knew of this man's past, but failed to tell anyone at the church, [yet] we have many children in our services. I stumbled on this information.

I could go on and on. ... I still have many members that call and they are very upset with what he is still doing there at the church, but they can't [seem to] leave.


I remember some of the meetings that the college girls would have with "The Preacher" (Dr. Hyles). If anyone would have walked into the room, they would have thought that all these college age girls were waiting for Elvis to return. We were taught to actually worship him and treat him as an idol. There was a song that we would sing to him to make him come out to the stage:

"We love you preacher, oh yes we do, we don't love anyone as much as you. If you're not with us, we're blue, Oh Preacher we love you"!

He would not come out until the girls were in a frenzy. What happened to only preaching Christ and him crucified? Even at the time, these meetings made me very uncomfortable. They seemed to be very sexual in nature. He would speak to us as if we were his girls that he was trying to court or swoon. Being a mother today, I would NEVER allow my daughter to attend these meetings. Hyles' Church and college have hurt many people. Many of the young pastors that have looked up to him (like the one that I spoke of) carry on his legacy of man-worship. I feel mostly for the women who suffer the degrading remarks and humiliation that comes from their beliefs.


I was one of Jack Hyles' personal body guards from 1978-83. If you only knew the actual man. I met with him personally and saw his megalomania and personal greed. I have talked with many of his personal staff and found their stories to be reputable when proclaiming his escapades and sexually perverted tendencies. There was one staff member at Hyles Anderson College, a Bill McFadden, who had sex with a student in the chapel tunnel; when it was reported, the incident was swept under the rug and dismissed. Jack was not going to let this ruin his monarchy. Jack was more like Jimmy Swaggart or James Bakker than a man of God


Jack Hyles would say and do anything to validate his ministry and his massive ego. Numbers were ALL that mattered to him. I have seen buses full of black children who, while not being allowed in the bus ministry, were driven down the alley behind the church, told to repeat a prayer, and counted as "souls won on church property" during big days. It was a disgraceful practice!

In all my years in Hyles' church I was NEVER able to find ONE person whom Jack Hyles personally led to the Lord, even in his own fraudulent way. He was big on sending others, but he himself NEVER went!

Thank you for reminding folks what a fraud this entire ministry was and is. His son-in-law now runs the show. He is a man who is thoroughly compromised by his detailed knowledge of everything that went on there for twenty years -- the moral degeneracy of Dave Hyles, the child molestations, the rampant affairs, divorces, debauchery and adultery, the lust and fornication on the part of so many staff members, the cultishness, the siege mentality, the twisted doctrine, the arranged marriages, and so much more. I have seen it all firsthand.


My dad would follow the Hyles handbook on child raising, and was very abusive. When he would take me in the room to spank me, he would have me remove my pants and he would turn out the light, it was dark outside, and he would use his belt and he would not care where it hit. Many times I went to school the next day with bleeding welts on my back and legs and would have a black eye from where the belt hit me in the face. There were times when I was sent to school without food and I would beg for food from my friends. Once at the school, my first grade teacher took my lunch away from me and threw it in the garbage for talking in class. I had already gone two days without food and was so eagerly wanting that lunch that after school I went to the dumpster and tore open the garbage bags until I found my lunch. Another time my Dad took me into a field and made me run, and if he caught me he would beat me until I was bleeding. Needles to say, being only eight years old, he caught me.


I am a Hyles-Anderson grad, and everything you said is right on the mark. Some of us truly tried to present the Gospel clearly, but we had nowhere near the numbers the "big boys" did. If the Hyles and Grays and Neals and all the others who are having "thousands saved," presented salvation as a complete change of life, you know what the results would be. When I sat in the auditorium in Hammond for seven years (2 degrees), I hardly ever saw anyone coming regularly who looked [or acted] like they were newly saved people. Oh, they might come once, but that was it. Let's face it, if they were having 15-20,000 baptisms a year (that wasn't so either, but that's another story) and only 1% were real and began attending, they would have needed to add seating for another 500 people every 3 years or so. It never happened. What a fantasy. This all panders to pride and arrogance, which is the driving force behind all these ministries. I could go on and so could you, but for what ... the deluded will never be convinced anyway. I think I would rather stand before God with a few truly saved from my labors than a multitude pointing the finger at me for confirming them in their unbelief.


My father was a Hyles follower for years. My sister went to HAC where she met her husband. Our family was so steeped in his philosophy we would not make a move without consulting Mr. Hyles' many books and articles. My father thought that he [Hyles] was doing right, but I could tell that he struggled with his [Hyles] teachings for years. We were deep in the cult, though, and there was no turning back. Hyles ruined our family ... I have struggled for years myself hating Hyles for his sick teachings and his ability to sway so many people in his direction. I realize now that the man may not have been saved himself. My father was a good man who loved the Lord with all his heart. His only mistake was to listen to Hyles and believe that he was a man of God when he was not. My father passed away in 1997, no longer believing Hyles was the great man he once thought, yet not quite ready to denounce his teaching or to believe that he was as bad as he really was. But now in heaven, he knows the truth, and the truth is the mighty Dr. Jack Hyles is not there


I attended multiple youth conferences while I was a teenager (1976-1979), and attended Hyles-Anderson college for one year. I left after that year to pursue education at a different school. I am so thankful! Others were deeply scarred. I have never, ever spoken to anyone but my parents, my wife, and my brother-in -aw about why I left. But here it is: (1) Dave Hyles telling dirty jokes to students while he played basketball with us. I could not reconcile this close personal image with his public image; (2) Being actively discouraged from reading important books by various great Christian leaders because I had not yet completed every book by Jack Hyles and John R. Rice; (3) Joe Combs' meetings with ministerial students about how to keep a wife, which included some rather sick and debauched advice. I'm sure equivalent advice would have been available around the water cooler at work or in a pornographic magazine. It simply couldn't be found in Scripture; (4) The idolatry of students toward Dr. Hyles himself, which seemed only to be encouraged by every structure, event, and even by every sermon he preached.


• William A. “Andy” Beith

Claims to fame: Former Hyles-Anderson student and 27-year-old principal of Liberty Baptist Academy (Lake Station, Indiana); kidnapper; child rapist
Moral apex: Had sex, on multiple occasions, with one of his students, an 11-year-old girl, then took off with her across the country, landing in Las Vegas, where Beith planned to “set up housekeeping,” marry, and have babies with the child.
Busted: In Las Vegas, where he pleaded guilty in 2001 to crossing state lines with the intent of having sex with a minor. Local and state charges were dropped so that federal prosecutors could take care of the case. (He did, after all, transport her across eleven statelines.)

• William S. Beith

Claims to fame: Hyles-Anderson graduate; founder, Liberty Baptist Church (Lake Station, Indiana); founder and principal, Liberty Baptist Academy; down-low ‘mo; really bad father
Moral apex: Gosh, it’s hard to choose just one.
There’s the time he was forced to resign (in 1998) from Liberty Baptist Academy after his arrest for public indecency (he solicited an undercover cop — a dude — for oral sex). But he got out of that on a plea bargain, agreeing to probation and counseling.

• Joe Combs

Claims to fame: He: ex-pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Bristol, Tennessee); ex-head, Hyles-Anderson College Bible Department; child rapist and batterer; She: child abuser

In May, 2000, Judge Jerry Beck sentenced Joe Combs to a total of 114 years in prison, and Evangeline Combs to 65 years.

• Mark Foeller

Claim to fame: Yet another in a long line of Hyles-Anderson College graduates (who also served as deacon and volunteer bus driver for Jack Hyles‘ First Baptist Church) accused of molesting children
The lowdown:
Mark Foeller, the volunteer bus driver, has four counts of first- and second-degree child sexual assault pending against him in Washtenaw County, [Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie] said. Seven additional charges were brought against Foeller last week in neighboring Jackson County.

• Russell Hirner

Claims to fame: Former principal of Longview Baptist Academy (”perhaps the number one church/school in the Jack Hyles orbit”); pedophile
Moral apex: Molested at least seven young girls, all in his own Kilgore, Texas, home, while serving as principal of one of the two Christian schools operated by Longview Baptist Temple.

• Dave Hyles

Jack Hyles son...look him up! Also lots of sexual improprieties!

• Timothy Lee Leonard

Claims to fame: Former associate pastor of North Sharon Baptist Church (near Ann Arbor, MI); honored alumnus of (surprise!) Hyles Anderson College; accused child molester
Moral apex: Charged, in 1992, with 11 counts of first- and second-degree sexual assault on children.
The company he kept: Leonard was accused of child molestation right around the same time as North Sharon Baptist deacon (and — surprise! — fellow Hyles-Anderson grad) Mark Foeller was accused of the same thing.

• Kerry Martin

Claims to fame: Pastor of Temecula Valley Baptist Church (California); child rapist; and — yes! — another Hyles Anderson graduate
Moral apex: Raped a 14-year-old girl in his office at the Temecula Valley (CA) Baptist Church, in July, 1997.
What’s worse: That 14-year-old was (probably) not the only victim.



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